Paternity Leave: How useful in a modern marriage?

The reason that was stated for not giving paternity leave in India was that men will "misuse" it to get extra days off. It is a huge blow to marital equality in our society. If we will never have men get time off work for baby duties, how do we ensure they help out? Agree or disagree? 

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Saumya Tewari
July 13, 2017


  1. I think a paternity leave is a must. Having a Father's physical touch during the initial months is critical. Maybe an intermediate solution can be to give 4-hour work days to fathers during the first six months, so that professional life doesn't come to a complete standstill but the mental peace is available to father's during the day. *p*

  2. Before men start getting paternity leaves, society should get to the point where men take a more active part in parenting. It is still true that child rearing is considered a woman's work and feeding the family a man's. Perhaps that needs to change first.*p*

  3. Paternity leave can easily be given. May be for a shorter period than maternity though. Just after childbirth, more than managing the child, the new mother needs some extra attention and care. Having the husband around feels good. *p*

  4. A healthy baby is nurtured by both parents. During initial days physical intimacy and dependency is concentrated on mother. However, that does not stop the father to change nappy or puting the baby into sleep. After all new mother needs a bit rest. Our men do need the paternity leave to support the family. In India we are not used to see fathers involved much in rearing the baby. Things are changing..slowly.*p*

  5. This is a pretty less talked about issue. And we really can't come to one conclusion. Very few men will actually use it in a wise way which is really true. But yeah women who actually need their man to be around them can propose a paternity leave in his behalf and an instituition should approve it. *p*

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