How far should we accept the changes that our partners wish to see in us? I mean, doesn’t it come to a point when all your partner sees in you is errors to be corrected whether done consciously or unconsciously. It feels very depressing.When to stop allowing our partner’s mending job?

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Ayushi Vaidya
September 4, 2017


  1. If there’s change needed for better couple growth, they must be made welcome. If you cannot simply listen to positive criticism from your spouse, your marriage needs a shake up. After all, marriage is not just a bed of roses. As a couple, both of the pair has to be a guide to the other so that your negativity is not the sole focus. Changes in negative stuff is important to perosnlaity too. It never means you are letting go your image or type. Bad habits need correction always.

  2. I agree. If it is healthy criticism then there there is no harm in improving our selves. But then, does he accept your mending job? How well does he take criticism? Watch that too. Don’t allow it to become a habit.

  3. I believe that you should remain strong and have the attitude of “Love me or Leave me”. When partner points out the mistake, analysis within yourself that if that really needs to improve. If it needs to improve then improve it else tell vividly and firmly that you don’t like to be criticized every time.
    With my 6 years of marriage, I have faced this too and it is really hurting, so once I said it firmly and then started ignoring the criticism and eventually they stopped correcting my errors.

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