PDA on Social Media.Are we trying too hard to prove a point ?

A couple got married recently, and what followed was a deluge of the couple's pictures on facebook for days on end. Isn't there a word called 'overkill' ? Or should PDA (public display of affection) not have any boundries, just as love itself does'nt ? 

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July 13, 2017


  1. This is the kind of age we live in now. Most relationships (including other than marriages) are now very 'social'. As the old adage,"Its not official until its on Facebook." went, social media is the new platform where people like to flaunt their achievements. This social PDA is mainly due to two reasons:*p**p*1. Getting people's likes and appreciation when your life has nothing interesting or unique. And when you have a regular job that has nothing interesting, you are left with flaunting your relationship.*p**p*2. In most love marriages, the partners feel a little pressurised to prove that they made the right decision by marrying each other (to their families), and what is the best way to do it other than posting your lovey dovey images on instagram?*p**p* *p**p*Though it seems harmless from a distance, it could prove harmful for a relationship in the long run; because when you live your life like an instagram moment, you tend to overlook the real problems in your relationship. I have known some couples who fight like Karan and Arjun but their marriages are on a brink of a collapse. However in their pictures they look like the incarnation of Kama and Rati.*p**p* *p**p*So as you asked, "Isnt there a word overkill?" ??*p**p*Yes. There is, but who are you and I to tell them otherwise? *p**p* *p**p* *p*

  2. Yes, newlywed couples are shy, cannot get the expressions right, mainly the arranged types. marriage is a grand affair, larger than life. They need a crash course in camera friendly photo shoots – a new business idea for a start up co.*p**p*Ignore these factors and just focus on mehnga lehngas, mehndi and zardozi work and sherwani… a decade ago it was not like this and many of us miss it – the way it is flashed and mounted on a lavish scale all around us. *p*

  3. Also sometimes the pictures look so contrived, as though a stage has been set and a role must be played out.*p*

  4.  *p**p*Will do Devraj !! Just that i was wondering that by posting so many lovey dovey pics, are people seeking validation or trying too hard to prove a point ?*p**p* *p**p* *p**p*Posted: 12 Jul 2017*p*

  5. Well, this is the bane of modern day addiction to social media! However, one must exercise restraint and not overdo things. Overdose of anything is bad,and one must be discrete in PDA.*p*

  6. sadly this is the trend of the era. the internet and social sites have provided us with a platform to display ourselves in ways that would be frowned upon by the society. even PDA has its boundaries but not on social media. here you can display anything you want to and so people use it to show themselves. it paints a pretty picture for them. *p*

  7. Well, it is a reality we have to live with it. We cannot set limits to freedom or indulgence. It is a free space where the couple love to show off their bonding etc through pictures. Online platform is used to display a marriage album. Click as many and show as much as possible. After all, it will last as long as they honeymoon. Probably those who do not feel like doing it much are likely to suggest restraint. In times of flaunting, they are free to do it the way they like. If they realize they should not overdo it, then they will refrain from it. A personal choice. By the way, those are lovey-dovey pics, better than pics of brutal violence we are exposed to in the media. Marriage pics are refreshing to see…new couples in new clothes and settings. Come on, Ektaa, enjoy the fare. *p*