PDA on Social Media.Are we trying too hard to prove a point ?

A couple got married recently, and what followed was a deluge of the couple's pictures on facebook for days on end. Isn't there a word called 'overkill' ? Or should PDA (public display of affection) not have any boundries, just as love itself does'nt ? 

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July 13, 2017


  1. There's a limit to everything. You cannot flood social media with your pictures of merriment and celebrations. This doesn't always have a positive effect on everyone. People actually get affected by some time by these pictures.They feel jealous and inferior and being a sensible and humble person, I'd never want to tease and show people down with my life even if I don't do intentionally. So we should know how much is enough and stick to limits so that even our friends enjoy our social media presence. *p*

    1. I think we have a tendency to show off. Esp when things aren’t going right.

  2. I find too many of how much you love your partner posts really annoying after a while. It's great you love your partner. But it'll be greater of you can tell them that yourself, since you two probably share a house, instead of routing it through social media!*p*