PDA Romance and its Impact

Sometimes I really don’t understand how these teen couples manage to do PDA. Especially the young high school kids nowadays have raised their level of expressing their feelings towards their love in public places like schools, colleges, offices and other public places by giving each other expensive gifts, hanging out together with each other and sometimes physical contact as well.
Some couples just over does it which creates awkwardness for the crowd around them and also distracts the environment they are in. They fearlessly cross the limits and the people around are left with nothing to do. According PDA should be strictly banned at places where people take advantage of the freedom and it also creates insecurities amongst the singles hurting them mentally. By what other can we stop these couples from doing PDA which creates a ‘not-so-good’ impact on people watching it.

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Nityanshi Mehta
November 30, 2017

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