Pen Pals

The eighties and early nineties were so different – no emails, "instant messages", Snapchat and Twitter. Those were the days of good old letters and how people used to connect to strangers and made pen pals! Have you ever seen a pen pal relationship – one of those beautiful relationship where you don't know how the other person looks like or sounds like but only interact with him/her based on writing skills. Wish we can get those good old days of pen pals back. How about something like EMA pals? Forget FB, Twitter, Instagram and get back to the old world of writing! Who is game?

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June 7, 2017


  1. That is a very intriguing prospect to be honest. I would love to sign up for that.Technology has helped us to connect more easily with people but not efficiently. The old way of writing letters was the most efficient way, I feel. It is the suspense and the mystery that is lacking in today's mode of communication. I think letter writing should still be continued. I have a pen pal with whom I converse through letters. We should be exploring the essence of traditionalism whenever we get the time and that is what I do whenever the opportunity is there.*p*

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