Picky foodie

If good bad is said to win partner’s affections, the opposite, bad food – can it be a cause of discord between partners? Some fuss about Spices, some about shape of rotis. Does bad food actually affect couples’ equations and mood?

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Shobha Mahapatra
September 12, 2017


  1. Believe it or not – I am a vegetarian while my husband is a non-vegetarian! We both have never faced any problems so far! Like I say, it’s all about how you put your partner in a comfort zone completely matters. We have a mutual understanding about each others likes as well as dislikes, which helps us a lot to grow as a couple.

  2. Too much fuss about anything can adversely affect moods and temperaments and eventually a couple’s equation:)

  3. After reading all the awesome blogs about love that happens over cooking, I don’t think it is true. Couples these days have a mutual understanding. If one is a good cook, the other assists. And life eventually becomes one learning-cooking-loving story.

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