PM Announces Women Don’t Need To Change Their Names In Passport After Marriage Anymore. What’s the big deal about it?

So the PM announced  that from now onwards, women will not have to change their names in the passport after their marriage. I don't really understand the big deal about this announcement honestly. It wasn't? mandatory anyway.. Like women needed an official permission to continue with the maiden name. 

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Tuli Banerjee
June 7, 2017


  1. Women never had to earlier as well. Most of my friends have their maiden names on their passports.*p*

  2. Changing maiden name or keeping it is of no relevance. Retaining one's maiden name doesn't upgrade a woman in any way, she will still have to fight her little and big battles inside and outside home. It's a matter of personal choice.*p*

  3. big or small, it is definitely a welcome deal,  millions of married women using their husband's surname changed it on their official identity, the passport  in this particular case! mandatory or not, alot of women had to go under the entire process to avoid any future discrepancies on official document. and ur point about it being might be not, but now living with a government right to function this way, is definitely worthy of a smile and celebration in our heads!!*p*

  4. Women should not be changing their names anywhere after marriage. Or the couple can take each other's names and join to form a common surname. The PM's decision will not suddenly end all discrimination but it is a bold message*p*

  5. Not much significance. Mostly symbolism. How many women change their passports after marriage? None of my married friends did that!*p*

  6. That's great! Now I am waiting for when my identity won't be tied to only my husband/ father. So I can fill forms with my mother's name as well!*p*

  7. They don't. But it's a huge message to the society. That a woman doesn't become another's property after marriage. Her identity continues to be the same and even the kids should have her name as well. After all, she's part of their genes too*p*

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