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Love is blind, they say; sex is impervious to reason and mocks the power of all philosophers. But, in fact, a person's sexual choice is the result and sum of their fundamental convictions.Are love and sex inextricably linked? Can love exist without sex? Quite often, a woman considers love as the foundation of intimacy and a man considers sex to be the ultimate expression of love. Understanding how each views sex is important for sustaining a relationship and keeping love alive. But what is it that drives women closer to men – is it love that leads to lust or vice versa?

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Siddhartha Shankar Mishra
June 7, 2017


  1. Hey, this reminds me of my discussion on "ask him" section.. If you feel like please visit and take part by commenting your view. I guess it will be an insight for me. Not being judgemental to any gender here, I feel Love lasts forever, lust can't. Although love and lust are connected and often tends to overlap the emotions. Love that leads to lust is more often considered to be true and pure. But Lust that leads to love is at times not serene. Where a man considers sex to be the ultimate expression of love – I agree to it, but women too are sexually strong and wish to indulge in good sex that is of course love. What attracts man to woman and woman to man is still dubious, but one thing is for sure – Love is immortal and comes in many forms in this world and it has existed since our civilization is. *p*

  2. Man I had to read this atleast five times slowly to grasp the question here. Love, Sex, Intimacy, lust all these elements are important but veritably useless especially if each person cannot love themselves first and maintain that resolve their entire lives. *p**p*Love and sex are linked not to each other at all, love and sex are fueled by understanding each other or others. If both partners can see each other as equals their sexual journey is only going to be at point of nirvana. With that being said I want to draw in an example of how the concept of understanding proved to be the most powerful element in a couples relationship.*p**p*A wife had come to understand that her husbands sexual needs could be fulfilled with the help of a third person.  Go read this article on Bonobolody > http://bit.ly/2pUn0TC*p**p*This proves my point on the fact amazing love and back breaking sex come from understanding each others needs emotionally and physically.  If both partners can see each other as equals nothing else can bring each other closer than that. I'd love to read your views. *p*

  3. It's a trick question. It is possible to act out of lust and not love. Love lasts, lust doesn't. Lust is instant gratification, love is much more. You think about the person, you care about him/her. But you can't have love without lust; the vice-versa is possible. *p*

  4. I feel both are connected . Where there is love , they became intimate as this makes the connection more strong .I somewhere read that this involvement bring more concern n care for each other but it may be for those couple who take the relationship seriously not for fun . *p*

  5. What about couples who love each other but do not have lust for each other. surely those exist too? *p*

  6. Can love exist without sex? I think yes…think of couples who have been together for decades, they may have stopping sex yet love is there. *p**p*But there is a bond that comes with sex…it somehow makes the relationship complete. But we are taught to see sex differently! Not in a healthy light! *p**p*I think women have not really explored their sexuality…that's the problem! *p*

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