Politics of joint families

Joint families are like workplace where people gossip, taunt and try their best to pass their work to the others. The desire for wealth and power adds to the woes. All this can cause bitterness in marriage if the couple is constantly subjected to politics.

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Ranjana Kamo
August 5, 2017


  1. It can be tough adjusting to a joint family set up. Yes it makes a lot of things easier but if the people involved have disparate values and personalities, things can get complicated and difficult. And relationships are fragile, ca be easily ruined

  2. When I was kid we used to live in a joint family. We cousins used to have so much fun together. As far as quarrels are concerned, my mother can’t remember any big ones. It is true that eventually we drifted apart. But now when I look back it was one of the good times of my life.

    Grown ups always like it complex. Perhaps that is the reason things can never remain simple in joint families anymore.

  3. It gets worse when children are pitted against one another, with their parents competing. It’s important to stay out of all this politics and drama for your peace of mind and to ensure family relationships remain cordial

  4. That is true. It’s best to stay out of competition and politics, which is difficult when under the same roof. That is why a lot of couples decide to live by themselves.

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