Power couples connecting with spouse- is it in jeopardy considering the busy schedules?

Power couples please answer- how do you connect with your spouse? I often feel we do not have enough time to discuss about our life, future, children. If I am available he is not and vice versa. 

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Riti Kaunteya
July 13, 2017


  1. This is the casualty of being a power couple and the only recourse is to take holidays together as and when possible. *p*

  2. Yes as far as possible if schedules can be coordinated nothing like that but sometimes work is unpredictable and becomes too much of a challenge to coordinate. I think we must synch phone calenders. *p*

  3. When both partners have demanding high level careers it takes a lot of commitment to make the relationship work. The relationship has to be a priority.*p**p*You have to make sure that your work and travel schedules are synchronised.*p**p*Sometimes just doing small things for each other is a sign of love.*p*

  4. Oh yes. Sometimes we are just not in a mood to converse and when conversation is one sided it doesn't work. So perhaps a set time for discussion would be a way to handle this. Just like we do meetings in office *p*

  5. You forgot one more variable…moods! At times one is in a light mood even when free at the same time and the other in a hmmm…deeper one. *p**p*However for me mood is the issue..otherwise the quality of conversation is much better when both bring meat to the table because of their individual work! *p**p* *p*

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