Pregnancy and in-laws

I am 4 weeks pregnant with my first child and the entire family is elated, including my in laws. While I am happy that they are excited to have a grandchild I feel they have already started micromanaging every aspect of my pregnancy. From which doctor I see, to which pre school my child should go to, to baby names, everything. I feel I am just an observer in all these decisions. I tried telling my husband but he said they are just excited and I should not ruin their first grandchild experience. But what about my first motherhood experience?

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Mallika Oberoi
July 20, 2017


  1. Take their advice and opinions on everything. After all they come from experience and grandparents are a huge help in raising kids. But tell them and everyone else involved that the final decision rests with you and your husband

  2. Just talk to your in laws and tell them that you and your husband will be the primary decision makers as this is your child. They may not like it necessarily but would you rather think for your child or be politically correct?

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