Problems with relatives

At a family function recently, my husband's aunt and my cousin had a misunderstanding. They are both expecting me to take their side and talk to the other. I feel both are in the wrong to some extent but don't want to hear it. I don't want these problems with relatives to get in my marriage. How to handle this right?

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June 7, 2017


  1. If not major then dont respond feign a headache or will die a natural death…but if necessary then please don't take sides, get them together and make them talk it out without contributing to the conversation .*p*

  2. Tell them politely yet firmly that they should solve it among themselves. You are doing the right thing by not interfering. *p**p*Sometimes,  ego clashes are often exaggerated & dragged to a personal level. Best is to keep out of it & be polite yet firm on staying away. *p*

  3. I think its better if you arrange a meeting for both of them so that they can talk it out and settle the differences. You taking sides can be detrimental in this respect. I think with time they will both be able to fend off these differences and that is when you should convince them to meet and sort it out. If its just a petty understanding then I don't think it will roll on for too long*p*

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