Professional stress affecting personal life

I have many colleagues complaining of the office stress playing havoc on their personal life. Can one avoid this? Work life balance is being stressed upon a lot these days but is it achievable when you have family commitments getting affected by the extended working hours and stress at work? 

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June 7, 2017


  1. I think one thing to see here, is how fit/unfit people are. When my son went to College he was told there are three aspects to his life, academic, social and personal. He will be able to make peace with only two! I guess that is the reality for us to?  *p*

  2. One way to avoid this, is not to take work home. If this is possible, then a lot of this can be avoided. In our situation, where jobs insecurity is as common as common cold, this insecurity leads to extra stress. So avoid taking work home and do keep discussing your work with your spouse. That way, s/he will understand your position/insecurity, whatever it be, and be more supportive. A supportive spouse, leads to less stress.*p**p* *p*

  3. One reason that makes it increasingly difficult is the fact that now-a-days we purchase everything on EMI, and loans are approved based on ability to earn the projection of which is made as per current income. But till the days of our parents most people often built the house towards retirement based on the money they would be then having, and hence not being dependent on future income. The other reason is definitely pressure to compete, whether one believes in such competition or whether it is due to pressure from the same family that also complains about you always spending time in office or on office-related work does not change the outcome. The contractualisation (and hence the impermanence) of jobs, whether at the highest level or for those on the bottom rung, deals the knock-out punch.*p*