Reel Love is not Real Love

We all know how impactful is technology on humans, especially where relationship values and romance is concerned. You actually tend to form a certain mentality towards it and start practicing what you see on screen in real lives. For instance, Television. Nowadays television shows like Splitsvilla, MTV Rodies, Bigg Boss, Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya and many more are watched by maximum amount of audience between the age group 14-18. These shows are commercial and scripted ones where the relations built on the show and the romance shown between the couples is reel. But the way they present the content of love and romance in their program is no less than a fairy tale one and extremely convincing and manipulative that teen kids are easily influenced by it.
But according to me because of such programmes children tend to influence much earlier to the sexual enviournment and it also a reason for hitting the pubic age early.
What are your views on it? Should such programmes not be on air or the children must be controlled of watching it……??

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Nityanshi Mehta
November 30, 2017

Yes No