Relationship with husband after baby changes a lot. how to keep the romance brimming?

Relationship with husband after baby changes a lot.On one hand responsibilities keep us busy while on the other we mature as couples. Somewhere the romance gets lost. how to keep the romance brimming?

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Neeti Singh
July 13, 2017


  1. I'm an expectant mother & pretty apprehensive about this as well. My friend who is a mother already says her husband has changed after she delivered but they do still make out. Sometimes I wonder if we mistake making love as expressing love? *p*

  2. Oh.. I recently achieved this  First of all, the couple needs to change their definition of romancing. They can't go on dates very often, they don't get much time alone. However, they should find out the ways to enjoy togetherness. Make kids sleep early and then enjoy the company of each other. Take help from family members. Ask them to take care of kids for few hours and then go for an outing. Occasionaly brings each other's favorite things like snacks, sweets. There are many more ways, specific to each couple, to make each other feel valued and loved. Only thing needed is thoughfulness about the importance of love. *p*

  3. I feel once we discover the romance for each other, it's tough to totally lose it. Definitely, it hides from us for a while because of responsibilities but it definitely comes back if the love is there. So we shouldn't lose hope and think of a childbirth to be the end of all the romantic and intimate moments which was there in the marriage. We just have to know that it's not the end of anything but a new beginning. *p**p*This is something which we need to learn from the west where they don't a birth of a kid ruin the intimate moments of a couple. Couple remains a couple and become parents when their kids are around.*p*

  4. Look good, smell good, feel good.*p**p* *p**p*Keep small surprises springing up.*p**p* *p**p*Do not feel burdeoned with responsibilities. Be playful.*p*

  5. Relationships remain the same but due to time constraints, the wife is not able to give him priority as before. This causes rift in the mind of the husband and he feels neglected. The husband should understand her wife's limitations and share the responsibilities. Sharing responsibilites will bring them closer and they will have time to satiate their physical and emotional needs. Gift bouquets, surprise gift or dinner to keep the romance brimming. Listen to songs. Spend maximum time together after work and mark the difference in relationship.*p*

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