Relocating to a different city is an emotional affair, especially when you are leaving him behind. How to cope up?

Relocating to a different city is an emotional affair, especially when you are leaving him behind. How to cope up?

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Neeti Singh
June 7, 2017


  1. Make new friends and get into a new routine. Setup a time everyday to speak to him and follow schedule. Do plan your holidays in advance and keep meeting each other at holidays*p*

  2. I feel we all are supposed to go through this feeling once. This makes sure that how pure and real is our love for our partner. *p**p*The answer is 'detach'. Yes, you've heard me, right. Detach yourself. Not from him but from the feeling that you're away from him. Sounds really artsy and weird but it's easy. Just accept the fact that you are away from him and then detach yourself off that feeling. And life will be normal. Where you concentrate more on the love and less on the distance. Good luck!*p*

  3. Not easy at all! chances are you will miss him like crazy. Hope you have enough emotional support in the  new city you are going too! Do not open up too many fronts…*p*

  4. Well as much as relocating is tough emotionally, that we are living in times where means of communication are plenty helps in dealing with the distance. Come to think of it, what was long distance relationship like even a few years back? First things first, chin up and explore all the digital mediums that help you stay connected. It really is no comparison to meeting and spending time but we've got to make do with what we have. *p**p*Also it's important to come to a common ground about how often can the literal meeting up happen and how. If the relationship is rock solid there's minimal chance of distance playing spoilsport. *p**p* *p*

  5. It's very very tough. Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain but there is a huge positive side to it. Ever heard of familiarity breeds contempt? Well, that can never happen in this situation! Besides, what is technology for? One of the few good things about living in a tech-influenced world is that you never feel you are away from the one you love. Agreed, a skype call can never match with the real thing but it just makes you long more for him/her and when you meet, the meeting is just that much sweeter and more passionate. *p*

  6. I am going to a compltetely new place.. I hope we rae able to continue the love.. Thanks for the insight..*p*

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