Right time to fall in love?

Is there a right or wrong time to fall in love? Can we sometimes fall in love for the wrong reasons instead of the right? Or is the end result of love all that matters

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Priya Jindal
June 7, 2017


  1. Oh. I wish I had an answer which would have made your life easier. But, it's not my answer but it's love which can make your life easier. So go out there and fall in love without caring about anything but falling in love. *p*

  2. I found this line interesting…to remain in love is in one's hands. Don't you think to be in love it is a mutual thing. What if one partner behave poorly can the other remain in love in that state? *p*

  3. Yes, we can sometimes fall in love for the wrong reasons but what is even more important is to see if it is love at all? Often what we call love is just attraction. So here I ask what is love? *p*

  4. You cannot plan falling in love! Love just happens.  Love is an emotion, it's a realisation,  it's a responsibility. Love is a journey of a lifetime . *p**p*To fall in love is not in anyone's hands but to remain in love is. Decide wisely. Most importantly,  think of the opposite person's feelings too.*p*

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