Romance in the air

Has anyone faced that awkward situation when you are in the mood for romance and your partner simply walks in, grunts and goes to sleep!

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Ayushi Vaidya
September 13, 2017


  1. One spouse can be in the mood for romance, and the other need not be- part of the cycle of love and matrimony:)

  2. Such infrequencies are natural, I think. When you have some work pressure, or a tiring day at home. Romance isn’t actually the priority, to sleep is. 😛

  3. Oh absolutely! If you stay together, this may happen not once but many times – and unlike what the usual conception is – that it is women who fake sleep or headaches, men do it too

  4. Haha! It is awkward and disappointing – but to talk about it with your partner will give you a better understanding & clarity.
    Don’t be bitter about it. Use it as a bridge to reach out to him.

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