Romantic love or fierce friendship? Which mythological couple embodies your favourite paradigm?

Of all the mythological stories of love, I find the relationship of Draupadi and Krishna most interesting. Theirs is not the typical romantic love, but one of fierce friendship – the one I think is most precious  kind between a man and a woman. What do you think? Who is your favourite mythological couple and why?

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July 13, 2017


  1. Fierce friendship? What is that and that too between Panchali and Lord Krishna. I thought their relationship was between the Lord Krishna the God incarnate who was the saviour to Draupadi the ardent devotee.*p**p*Fiercer was the relationship between Hidimbi and Bheema who had killed her brother but married her inspite of her being a Rakshasha in adherence to his mother's wishes.*p**p*My favourite couple would always remain Ram and Sita, for obvious reasons, elaborating that would take another Ramayana.*p*

  2. I THINK Savitri and Satyavan.I know now she is not revered or though about because she is thought to be one dimensional but I think her relationship shows the power of the truth of love.*p*

  3. Radha Krishna. It had every element of devoted love and romance in a way. While they say, radha was krishna's conciousness, it was also a deep friendship which made them tick. It was special as radha was devoted to him and even today their name is taken in one breath, maybe for a special reason. Love.. *p**p*Shiva-Parvathi too was another one i am intrigued by. Ram-Sita too embodied love. Actually now that you have asked this, one realises, our mythology is deeply embedded in love and stories of love. So beautiful. If seen, Arjun was so in love with Draupadi, but he had to share her with four other brothers, must have been tough for him, but his love for his mother and doing the right thing was so great. I think it was damn romantic of him. But popular belief has it that draupadi was eternally attracted and her soul belonged to the forbidden Karan. *p**p*Krishna though is my favourite romantic Hero, as he had every aspect, love, romance, laughter, humor, wisdom and all encompassing love. *p*

  4. For a fierce friendship, there has to be a certain level of dedication on both parts. Like in your example Draupadi was devoted to Krishna and he came to her aid. *p**p*Whereas a romantic relationship has different goals and expectations.*p**p*Don't particularly identify myself with any of the mythological couples.*p*