Saving a marriage

My aunt and uncle are facing some serious crisis in their marriage. It is a combination of mid life crisis and financial as well as children troubles. They are on the verge of calling it quits after almost 20 years. Can this marriage in crisis be saved? I am at my wit's end!

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June 7, 2017


  1. We all face problems at some point in our lives. I think instead of breaking up they should consider fighting it out together. They should keep in mind the fact that their separation would also affect their children's lives. I think all the relatives should come in for help if needed. They should try their best to avoid separation. I think the elders have a role to play in this.*p*

  2. it might be worth talking to them one individually. ask them if quitting will solve issues they are facing. we have issues with parents, with children, with work, with life. we dont have options to divorce them so we just give our best and let it pass. it is only with our partner that we have this legal option to quit and that is why bring it as a solution  to solve challenges. if they r mature enough, you never know they might be able to see through it.*p*

  3. That's an amazing point. I will definitely try raising it and talking to them. Thank you!!*p*

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