Second marriage also on the verge of breakup

A couple got divorced after five years of marriage. The boy remarried after giving his child for adoption. His second marriage of eleven years is on the verge of breakup, He has another child from this marriage. The wife is desperately trying to save the marriage for the sake of her child. She is calling the boy's relatives for help. What should they do? If they help, they lose their relation with the boy and his parents. If they do not help, they will remain guilty of not helping, knowing very well that the major fault lies with the boy.

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Ranjana Kamo
July 13, 2017


  1. They should help! There might be a turn of events and they should do it for the sake of the innocent child. At least they won't ruin anything further since the situation is anyway very poised. *p*

  2. In this situation i think its best to help, a young boy's life is at stake. with blood relations, any conflict is never permanent and im sure they will later resolve their differences.*p*

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