Security in Marriage!

How can someone feel secure in a marriage when your husband constantly keeps telling you that, ‘just take a divorce’ after every fight?

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September 9, 2017


  1. This needs to be addressed seriously.
    If talking doesn’t help, take the help of a marriage counselor.

  2. Sit together in a proper ambiance where no one disturbs you for an hour – and share your concerns. Ask him if he says that seriously everytime – coz you definitely do.

  3. Communicate- talk to him- don’t let this deflate you but do not ignore this red flag too-
    Talking can help immensely but don not let the anger get the better of you- probe why does he throw the word divorce so loosely at you?

  4. Talk to your spouse when you both are in a better mood and let him know how you hate it whenever he brings up divorce. Open communication helps even in the darkest days.