Self disclosure

I respect the need to share oneself in a relationship, but I draw the line at times. My life need not be an open book. But I have met many who disagree. To develop a healthy intimate relationship, is it important to self disclose?

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June 7, 2017


  1. It is. But you need a partner who is okay with the concept of disclosing as much as you want to and do the similar thing in return. You can't expect that your partner will disclose everything but on the other hand, you disclose whatever you want to. So it's important to find someone with whom your frequency matches at all the levels and there is no need of any agreement or disagreement.*p*

  2. It is important to share yourself and your thoughts with your partner but it is also important to have your own space and your own thoughts because despite sharing your life with someone you are still an individual and one should never forget their individuality. And some amount of mystery is always appealing.*p*

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