Sex and money? Or love and peace? What would be your call, also why?

Whenever asked this question, I get reply one, but when I look at the people, I feel the hypocorism in them. They say, one, and act two.

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Abhishek Kothari
June 7, 2017


  1. Love and peace would be my call. Because if love exists, sex life will be great. And peace can bring you money as you can focus more on your work. And also you will be satisfied with whatever you earn.But its never the other way round.*p*

  2. Love and peace. In the end it's about a happy life. And these will bring lost lasting happiness to me. *p*

  3. I think a little bit of all the above constitutes modern life. You will indeed be termed as a hypocrite if you say that you will only go after love and peace because we are extremely materialistic beings. In the same way even when we have a lot of money, we still pine for a little bit of love and peace of mind. So it is the combination of all the four options, that you mentioned, that guides us. We are never certain as to what we want at a given point in time and that's why you see the hypocrisy behind it. We are human beings!*p*

  4. Hopefully a little bit of all in balance and when deserved. Though money without peace and sex without love seem quite meaningless. So there's my answer, I guess!*p*

  5. Any day love and peace. Sex and money would be byproducts if we already have love and peace with us.*p*

  6. Former is an outside-in approach, which helps facilitate the inside-out approach, which is the later. So first thing first.*p*

  7. Love ad Peace would me my call…If you feel loved & peaceful within yourself then definitely you will achieve other things.*p*

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