Sex and Passion

Can there be no love without sex? Why is sex so important in love?

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Rachana Chakraborty
August 14, 2017


  1. Thanks Ashok Chibbar for explaining this concept so transparently. I too actually wanted to clarify on the point that sex doesn’t takes an upper hand when our priorities change..but why it is not digested by everyone?
    They come to some absurd conclusions that maybe we are satisfying ourselves outside so we don’t need it home…Why??

  2. Love is an integral part of sex in a marriage. The other way round may not be entirely true. It is a fact that during initial stages of marriage ( both arranged and love marriages) sex plays a major part. However, as time passes and with the arrival of kids the priorities change and sex takes a back seat especially with the woman. Loving couples would understand the changed scenario in their lives, especially when the woman approaches menopause, but there may be men who have an overactive testosterone production who would go to any extent to satiate their carnal desires.This may lead to tension and, in some cases, domestic violence and/or extra-marital affairs.
    Couples who are deeply in love may understand the situation and readjust their sexual activity.

  3. Hridaan ,I also know the fact that sex evolves when there is immense trust between them. I too had the same idea but sometimes it doesn’t work the way we think and that is where we start thinking…..What next??

  4. I do agree with you Devraj but why is it that we are being forced to it without our consent and we are into it as we want everything to go on smoothly.

  5. We could have stayed monkeys instead of evolving as humans. It would have been so much better, right? No wars, no pretensions, no lies, just plain unadulterated emotions.
    Sex is just the same. Love has its levels and sex is when love evolves between couples and reaches a level where there is immense trust between them. It has its own disadvantages but it is as important and inevitable as the evolution of human beings from monkeys.

  6. Well, sex and love are important. Love is important in sex. And sex is important in love. Those who try to enjoy one without the other end up without any enjoyment.

  7. I know it is an old saying, but sex is not just a physical Union but spiritual as well. When you step out to know each other you wish to explore every portion of your lover, don’t you? Sex is also one of the mediums to know your partner better and connect better.

  8. Someone once wrote if you are not good in the bedroom…it will be difficult to be good outside the bedroom! After a certain age sure sex takes a back seat, then sex is a bonding act…at all levels not just physical!

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