Sex in an arranged marriage

We are told that sex is inextricably linked with emotions. And people who indulge is casual sex without much feeling are generally looked down upon. I don't understand the double standard of expecting two strangers to have sex in an arranged marriage. Any opinions/ experiences?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Quite an intriguing question Ajay.  I dont think two people in an arranged marriage, atleast these days would jump into bed unless they have some kind of a connect. That said , carnal desires sometimes overpower people and then all that matters is satiating those desires*p*

  2. You are right. I think the idea of arranged marriage is to create a bond which is both legal and customary. This hypocrisy is there for sure and couples comply with it too. *p*

  3. The Suhag raat is such a big thing in our culture. All our movies and even our serials where the bed is decorated with petals and the glass of milk but only for the bridegroom though I always wonder why not for the bride. It might be two strangers but they have met a couple of times and held hands. *p**p*And this Suhag raat is sanctioned by parents Agni and the gods so it's very different from casual sex*p*

  4. Nailed it! I think we have linked sex too much to right/wrong, gain/loss, blah blah for it to be fun! *p*

  5. Thank you for the very intelligent question!*p**p*This is indeed the biggest double standard in our society!*p*

  6. This is a nice question. But sex after marriage (Arranged or Love) in India, isn't considered to be a casual sex. And, people who preach about sex being an emotional thing and people who are for arranged marriages are completely mutually exclusive sets. So, emotional people, I people should have a love marriage where the sex is also special and not like arranged marriages where you sleep first with the person and then fall in love with them.*p*

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