Sex without consent

We know that marital rape is not something illegalised in India. So how do we as a society deal with sex without consent in a marriage? Do we let it happen, after all legally marriage is primarily about the right to have sex? Or do we bring the issue out, which could mean throwing a lot of what goes on in a couple's bedroom out in the open? 

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July 13, 2017


  1. We definitely need to raise our voices for this issue. Marital rape is something that needs to be criminalised. But till its not, the least the victim can do is move out. If you are in a marriage where you are getting raped often, there is no point of staying in such a relationship. *p*

  2. Do something before its too late.*p**p*I feel a man who forcefully has sex with his wife,is no better than a rapist.Only way is to abandon him.More power to you.Prayers sent.*p*

  3. I did not give a solution but the only solution. Because if fear reigns in a marriage, that marriage is no marriage. Whether it is easy to break or not is a different issue, But if there is no protest then I must say one has to suffer. And because as a society we do not protest, all kinds of evils from dowry to child marriage still reigns. Even marital rape will….*p*

  4. That is an extreme solution but I don't think it is that easy to just break up a marriage. Especially over a topic considered taboo. And what happens if it has happened just once but that is enough to instill the fear of not saying No and just going along. It is a very multilayered issue, and I don't think there is one fix for it.*p*

  5. The Domestic Violence Act does cover sexual abuse, but marital rape is not a part of our rape laws, as far I know. Do let me know what the lawyer says. Many people consider it too personal and sensitive to be brought out in the open.*p*

  6. Unfortunately, marriage for some is not about being a partner, supporting, loving and caring, but more  about the license to have sex. So they take it as their right over the other person's right to their body*p*

  7. If sex without consent happens in a marriage then I must say the marriage itself should not go on as there is something wrong in the marriage. Sex is a very natural instinct and two people of opposite sex living under the same roof for 24 hrs is bound to feel the urge … so as and when they feel they can have it. Now if someone doesnt feel and the partner does and it happens again and again then the solution is simple. One has to leave. Because neither can sex be forced on someone nor can a partner shy away from sex always and deprive the other from his or her basic instincts.*p*

  8. This is barbaric…sex without consent. I was not aware it is not illeaglized in India, in fact just shot the Divorce lawyer on this website this query. But yes, this def needs to be addressed as soon as possible. And what kind f a nation are we if we do not even bring the worng out in the open? *p*