Should a spouse not active and passionate in relationship, object to partner being in another relationship ?

It is not uncommon for the marriage to become a drag because of routine, boredom and monotony and one partner may become totally uninterested. The marriage has to continue for various reasons ranging from kids to society. In such a situation if the other partner develops a relationship outside, does the spouse has the right to object ?

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Dr. Sanjeev Trivedi
June 7, 2017


  1. Seen toooo many of such cases. Even the ones who did quite ok with such arrangements beginning, almost aways have problems later. Some separate, some stay together for kids and some just learn to detach. Its never a happy solution. *p*

  2. I actually see more and more of such open relationships. Most often the partner who is sexually dormant requests discretion. But eventually, it almost always breeds insecurity and jealousy.*p*

  3. Dear Saurabh, your discomfort with the "vague" term 'not active and passionate' is amusing. For the bandwidth of the discussion to be broad, it was purposefully kept so.*p**p* *p**p*What would be your stand if this term is understood as the word celibacy ? *p*

  4. Why he ? It could well be the wife as well !*p*Imagine if the wife refuses to cook meals and also objects to ordering outside food. What would be your say ?*p*

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