Should a woman have to give up on her friend after getting married??

My husband doesn’t think that having friends after marriage is okay, specially for a lady. He do have his set of friends, but he expects me to give up on mine, is it really acceptable? My friends are as important to me as his friends are for him, has this ever happened to you? What resort did you find to this problem?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Hey Archana. Don’t fret. I am sure you can find a way out. May be if you make him feel part of your circle of friends, things will get easier. Life gets so interwoven after marriage that a lot of spheres overlap. So may be call his friends as well as your friends over. That would work as an ice breaker and he won’t feel too threatened. Make him feel welcome in your group. Mutual common friends of both partners go a long way. Best of luck

  2. Which century does your husband belong to? ya? He is nothing but being hypocritical in his nature. I really dont know how will you manage spend your entire life with him. Go for some marriage counselling.

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