Should couples allow each other to look at their phones?

Also share passwords etc? How do I tell my husband there are some chats I do not want him to see? They could be to my girl friends…about him? They could be with male friends. Is it fine to have that boundary? is it healthy? Is it healthy to be so transparent? 

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June 7, 2017


  1. If you think there are things which can hurt your husband then I think not talking about all those things to your female friends/male friends is better than hiding it from your husband. *p**p*You should just imagine yourself in your spouse's shoes and imagine, would this thing hurt me if my husband would have done it behind my back? If not then it's okay, If yes then you have a problem here which we need to rectify if you love your husband.*p*

  2. Transparency is good but yes there are certain things which you want to keep away from your spouse. I think it's fine to appreciate each others space and not try to encroach. It's a good way of maintaining harmony in relationship. *p*

  3. I think it is always healthy to share everything with your husband. For example, my wife has boyfriends who even send her private, earthy jokes. My wife reveals to me everything. It's a matter of trust. We share passwords but have a common understanding that we won't login to our Facebook, email or whatsapp accounts to pry into each other's personal lives. My wife discloses to me ( not everything) that she shares with her buddies. Yet I know she never discusses evil of me to anyone and vice versa. If there is a problem we sort it out among ourselves in a friendly manner. So we have nothing to hide in our relationship. *p*

  4. More importantly, couples should trust each other enough so that there's no need to look into each other's phones. Period.*p*

  5. Creating a wall of suspicion serves no purpose. Depends on the kind of partner you have. If the spouse has a suspicious mindset, password protected phone will raise it further. Just for the sake of a free-minded chat with a friend, there is no need to endanger the health of your relationship. If your partner is okay with it, then you should go ahead with it. Keep in mind, the partner also has the right to do the same. Even if s/he has no such person to talk intimately, the partner will maintain the balance by keeping it password locked!*p*

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