Showing love in a relationship

Sometimes we confuse negative traits like possessiveness or jealousy as showing love in a relationship. It could be a result of how movies have defined romantic love. What could be the right way to show romantic love without these?

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Priya Jindal
July 13, 2017


  1. You have to find a way which the one you love understands most easily. Being less jealous and less possessive is a good start to do that. We just have to be genuinely good with that person and if the other person recognizes your genuine heart and feelings for them then they'll love you for that. It's pretty easy to love someone and get the love back in return. We just try to overcomplicate it but trying to do something more to please your partner which is a very wrong approach.  *p*

  2. As the saying goes.  Set it free. If it returns it was yours if it does not it never was. *p**p*One must learn to love oneself first and focus attention to several relations instead of being obsessed with one *p*

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