Sign of affairs in a marriage lead to doubts and fights. How to deal with this?

Sign of affairs in a marriage lead to doubts and fights. How to deal with this?

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June 7, 2017


  1. If you do get prrof that there is an affair, make sure you preserve the profof! An advice from a well-wisher! *p*

  2. Signs of an affair is not an affair. At times we get carried away. Make sure there is something serious going on otherwise, it is your fault. I read somewhere about jealousy is that we imagine things and get jealous! Beware! *p*

  3. Signs of an affair are really hard to deal with as it brings the fear and pain of betrayal. If you have  enough signs its good to ask your partner and have an open discussion with a cool head! ( easier said than done i know ) . With a non offensive conversation you would know if you could trust your partner and what they feel . An open unbiased discussion may perhaps help you make a better decision than fighting all the time.  Their actions  after tthe conversation  can be monitored i.e if they are working to improve the marraige and trying to regain your trust. however If things dont seem to change then think  about your priorities – how important the marraige is to you. Your own non negotiables in a relationship , your strength both emotional and financial to survive  the worst.*p*

  4. Confrontation and confirmation is the only way in this. If you are sure that you are being cheated upon them I do not think you should stick on. The moment you find out you are being wronged you will lose those genuine feelings you had about your husband and if you still wish to continue it would really be a compromise. So if you smell something fishy do talk it out with your partner.*p*