Signs of emotional affair

How do I know if my husband is having an affair? I don't think it is physical but he has stopped sharing with me, is always on the phone? Is there any foolproof way to know the signs of an emotional affair. I don't want to confront him with no proof and have him feel I don't trust him.

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June 7, 2017


  1. A few signs…*p**p*1. If he has stopped sharing with you, it means he is sharing with someone else. *p**p*2. Is he taking extra care of his appearance? *p**p*3. Is he happier? *p**p*4. Keeps his phone close to him at all times? *p**p*5. Has work at odd hours? *p**p*6. Spends more time than usual in the bathroom with his phone with hime? *p*

  2. Instead of waiting for something to happen so that you can catch him doing wrong, try to initiate a conversation which expresses your fears and feelings.*p**p* *p**p*Some would suggest that this will put him on guard and you shall not be able to find him on the wrong footing. Few shall tell that instead of spying on him, try to 'win him back'. *p*

  3. yes. i agree with Shipra's gentle advice: you need to think good things, and give your lives a chance. it may turn out to be nothing at all! by the way, was yours a love marriage?*p*

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