Signs that youre in an abusive relationship.

Read the artcile below and reply if you have seen patterns mentioned in your relationship. What made you ignore them?If you did notice them, what made you stay in such a relationship.


Signs that you're in an abusive relationship





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Snigdha Mishra
June 7, 2017


  1. When the person is constantly trying to convery through passive and aggressive means that you can't do anything right…*p*

  2. While I cant even imagine being hit, and it angers me to know there are men out there who are as cruel as, to Hit another human, that too who is the closest of all, its just shameful. But let aside the moral judgement of abuse. *p**p*It is the emotional and mental abuse that is more tricky. While its natural to start counting the instances when you are being emotionally abused, yes definetely you are. But what was more revealing to me was, how many times I have been the abuser. HOw many times, I have lost control, cause it was not "my way" and thrown a fit of anger and abuses. I think each one of us are guilty when it comes to emotional abuse. Some less some more. *p**p*To be in the victim mode is VERY very easy and most luctrative, but for a change if i look within, this hit me hard. I am equally guilty. *p**p*The reason to stay are plenty, maybe financial for me, maybe emotional dependability for the other. Maybe not knowing what to do for both… ?? Isnt it.. I have seen that these days, "what do I want" is the biggest question, many of us need to answer. Maybe this brings us clarity on what to do next? *p*

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