So near, yet so far…

Do you also feel anxious, sad, worried when your spouse is far away from due to business or work? Do you miss them? Any incident that opened up new experiences in your relationship?

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Debolina Coomar
September 15, 2017


  1. Longing is romantic but neediness is dis-empowering. Long for him, pine , enjoy the ME time and relish the togetherness.
    Missing is a part of love:)

  2. Distance makes it hell for couples, I am sure But imagine the multiplied happiness when you finally meet them!

  3. Your title reminded me of the song “Hum tum kitne paas hain kitne door hain chand sitare.” Jokes apart, my hubby is a sales person and is never home before 10 in the night. Initially I used to crib, nag and crave for him. I have stopped all the in the past one year. Now, I utilise that time in indulging myself in my hobbies and other things that I want to do. Main bhi khush, hubby bhi khush. (pssst… we have lesser fights now)

  4. Actually I like the space when my spouse travels. I like to do my own things till late night, or even sleep at 9.30. I think it is a nice change which can work every week or two!

  5. Yes I do. When you long for a company that you are comfortable in, absence of it does make you anxious & incomplete.

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