So you are into long distance dynamics, is it really a testing parameter to judge the respective partners? What you think?

Long distance relationships are often complicated with lots of if's and but's. DO we look these relationships as a parameter to judge the respective partner's patience, trustworthiness, and consistency towards the relationship, based on which you will take an action forward. What your take?

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Shivi Goyal
June 7, 2017


  1. Long distance does test relationships but so does moving into the same house! It depends on the compatibility of the people involved as well as their commitment to the relationship. *p*

  2. I absolutely agree .. Long distance relationship are termed as impossible by people these days but i believe if two people are in love and want to be with each other no distance can seperate them. Thats the actual time when patience, trust and loyalty are tested. All these things come naturally if you see your partner daily but it takes a level of commitment to maintain this even in LDR.*p*

  3. Here no one will be deliberate to judge, but if it comes its own way, then it can be a test of love in other parameters. I believe. Rest what you said sir is unconditional.  *p*

  4. Well, commitment towards a relationship is crucial . Hopefully when you are true to yourself. you hit the right road*p*

  5. If you are into judging the partners patience, trustworthiness etc..forget the distance, the relationship will fail either which way. *p*

  6. I think long distance relationships are hard to maintain but not impossible. It requires a lot of patience and enthusiasm from both partners. There is a famous saying to quote  "Absence destroys weak passions and confirms strong ones". So it does not matter what other people say regarding a long distance relationship as at the end of the day what will matter is how two people in the middle of a long distance relationship see each other. If the passion is strong they will see it through no matter what.*p*

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