Social media and relationships

I recently read an article on how healthy relationships don't have much social media presence. The couple that shows less means more. Do you agree? Does a healthy relationship have no sign on Facebook?

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Priya Jindal
June 7, 2017


  1. Love and social media are not inter dependant. A couple who are happily married do not have to flaunt their relationship status/success in the public domain, it is not meant for mass consumption!  At the same time, couples who are active on various social media platforms are not necessarily seeking attention or trying to prove a point about their relationship(though some may tread this line).*p**p*Healthy realtionship is all about trusting and loving your partner unconditionally. Social media is just a tool which is popular today and may become defunct tomorrow*p*

  2. I have friends who are happily in a relationship while posting on all sorts of social media sites and those who post absolutely nothing, I don't think it affects either of them or their relationships, similarly there is one partner that posts a lot and the other is inactive, does that affect their relationship? I don't think so. It's a personal choice more than anything else.*p*

  3. Exactly. A couple who has a healthy relationship spends more time in living the relationship rather than showing it off all over the social media. There is no point in showing how grand your marriage was or how much you're spending for your partner. Because it just doesn't matter. Love has nothing to do with how much you are spending on your partner or candid pictures you're posting over Instagram. It's all about how much you mean to each other. *p*

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