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From what you are eating to your daily chores, from holidays to spending a relaxing time at home with your better half. Is showing your feelings on facebook real or fake? Our parents never had to do it. Was their feelings any less. Sometimes I wonder how many people actually fake it. Your thoughts.

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Sukanya Banerjee
November 5, 2017


  1. Sharing pictures and you activities are good as long as you don’t get addicted. It’s important to know the limits and keep the clear distinction between your public and private life. Posting everything in the social media makes your life an open book. You should know what to post and what not to. Sometimes we are so busy spending time in social media that we forget our real life, we miss out on simple joys of life like having the afternoon tea with our mother or talking to a friend for hours. A lot of professions demand a strong social media presence these days. Hence we should act wisely and maintain a balance.

  2. Humans jump to social needs just after their physiological needs are fulfilled as per Abraham Maslow’s theory as this keeps them motivated in life. Though things are highly fake these days on virtual identity but being connected is an addiction to most. Our parents had more unite families which kept their social needs to show off managed. Had Zukerberg taken birth in that generation, it would have been the same case with our forefathers too.

  3. I think the real essence of sharing couple pictures should be about sharing a special moment in your life. For example- a wedding or engagement ceremony. Those friends and family couldn’t make it, get to join in your special moment and simply share your happiness. But each and every moment of your love life when shared on social media makes it annoying. Couples become more like attention seekers, trying to flaunt their life. relationships are not meant to be flaunted, they are to be cherished. Guess netizens need to understand that. And like you mentioned, if they at all need any help, they have to take a glance at their parents’ life. 🙂

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