Someone I know is having an affair. I know his wife quite nicely. Should I tell her?

Someone I know is having an affair. I know his wife quite nicely. Should I tell her?

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Neeti Singh
July 13, 2017


  1. In my opinion, it depends on the closeness of your relationship with the wife. There is a difference between being an acquaintance and a well wisher or caretaker. Are your prepared to help her out of this situation as a close confidante and well wisher when you break the news to her? If you are prepared to take this responsibility, to see it through the end, only then you should think of breaking it to her. Else, just steer clear. You have no business in interfering in her life if you are not an integral part of her life.

  2. If you know the guy, first confront him straight away. Before you blow a whistle on him, the person deserves to tell his side of story. And once you have talked to him, decide what you want to do. Give him an ultimatum to stop this and come clean to his wife (if you think his reasons are bullshit), but if you think his reasons are valid, suggest him couple's councelling.*p**p* *p**p*In any case, both of them need to give their relationship a major introspect. *p**p*But if the guy ignores you, feel free to do what you think is right.*p*

  3. First, rally her friends and family who will support her through the difficult time no matter the consequences.And tell her, in my opinion.*p*

  4. You can talk to her but before telling her, make sure that it's not just a hoax. Check your facts before you tell her so that it doesn't ruin her trust on him and you'll be solely responsible for it. And don't hesitate if your facts are correct and she might actually gonna suffer if you keep something of that great importance with yourself. *p*

  5. I think she deserves to know. What she does with that information is totally on her. You can tell her that you will stand by her side if she is a friend. Meanwhile, do take some evidence of said abuse so there is no chance that it is not true.*p*

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