Spouses having long sessions with single malts

When two people love each other but have fundamental differences in major aspects of life, should they sit over long drink sessions alone? Or it will lead to a fight!

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June 7, 2017


  1. It may lead to a fight because we do tend to become a bit philosophical after a few pegs. But when you say that both the partners are in love, they may well be aware of thier differences and learn how to respect each other's opinion. I think if the understanding is there, a nasty fight can be avoided. *p*

  2. I strongly believe that the success and failure of the long drink sessions depends on the nature of the two people sitting on the table. If they actually want to resolve the problems then they will do the same without drinks too; however, if they are not interested in compromising, then the drinks might not help as well. Some people tend to become indifferent to the spouse’s needs and their opinions; in such cases, drinks don’t tend to make any difference. But Drinking Sessions definitely help the two people talk more about their thoughts and feelings that they might not share otherwise. Fights don’t tend to erupt unless and until the character of the person supports FIGHTING in any situation.

  3. I think a long drink sessions wouldn’t lead to a fight. On the contrary, it just might make them laugh off their differences over a drink or two. And, what could be a better way of confronting those differences than doing so being a tad drunk. Come on, they already love each other. So, I think it will be a healthy conversation. And, even if they fight, my guess is they won’t remember it when they wake up.

  4. Oh, that can be a recipe for disaster. Alcohol and difference don’t mix well. It will definitely lead to a big blow up, with each side saying more nasty things than necessary.

  5. Alcohol is an inhibition suppressant. If circumstances allow uninhibited exchange of views and feelings, a discussion over drinking session could improve bonding.

  6. Even if it does lead to a fight, it’s healthy to air out the differences in opinions. What’s the point of being with someone if you can’t talk with that person about issues that matter to you and vice versa? By the way, I personally believe that it’s not a good idea to be with someone with whom you have fundamental differences, that too regarding major aspects of life. And even if you are, sharing opinions over a few drinks cannot be a deal-breaker right? BTW, why are fights so scary? At times, they also bring people together, help in clearing out suppressed angst and lead to improved communication

  7. I personally feel that while discussing if both the persons keep their ego aside it can result into a healthy one n discussion should be without drinks coz drinks cud mislead it…

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