Spouses social causes leading to personal problems

The spouse is planning to take up a cause, which could jeopardize the security of the family especially the children. How should the partner react to such situations and should s/he support the spouse?

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Utkarsh Patel
September 20, 2017


  1. Communicating your fears and doubts to your spouse to begin with and then finding a middle ground where
    the needs of the spouse and security of the kids are well taken care of.
    There’s always a way apart from choosing extremes but it needs discussion, understanding and maturity of both the partners.
    This has to be looked beyond egos and power games and has to be dealt with in a sensitive , sensible way.
    And it’s possible.

  2. Very interesting question, Utkarsh sir!
    At the risk of sounding like a bad mother, I’d say, supporting the spouse is more important. When someone is motivated to take up a social cause, it is often about finding their calling in life – a journey about finding themselves. As a life partner, I find extending support absolutely important. The well being of children is important, yes; but it is a smaller, selfish, and an obvious thing that most of us do.

    If one is fortunate enough to find a partner whose life’s mission is greater, support must be given. And sometimes, the family suffers for it. Gandhi wouldn’t be Gandhi without Kasturba’s support; and he wouldn’t be father of the nation if he chose to just be father to his kids.

  3. The spouse needs to take a strong stand and convey what he or she feels right. Proper communication is the key to marriage.

  4. What a difficult question! It is like from a saucer to a frying pan. If we do nothing eventually it will happen to us some day. Amd if we do, we pay the price…still thinking Utkarsh

  5. Its a difficult choice to make ,truth versus family.Sometimes there is nothing like absolute truth.Mostly i have seen people who fight for a cause put self before family lead lonely lives and ultimately find out that the cause which they gave their life for was mired in controversy or someone rode piggy bank on their ideals and got success.For some naxalites is a cause to be espoused and for some it is a cause to be abhorred.please think many times before your husband takes up this.Your children are very important .take care of them.

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