Stages of getting over a breakup

Everyone here would've had their heart broken as least once. I've heard that a break up, especially from a long relationship, is much like the death of a relationship and we go through the same stages of grief as with losing someone. Is that so? Are there specific stages that follow a break up to eventual closure?

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July 13, 2017


  1. That's a well thought analysis. Though I'd add that sometimes there is denial in the beginning where one refuses to accept the break up and think it is just a fight so they try to patch things up.*p*

  2. I feel that it comes in phases. The break-up and the closure. *p**p*And the person who broke up moves on quite easily but the person who suffered the break up takes a lot of time. *p**p*Stage 1:*p**p*You hate your partner after the break-up. And your ego makes you do that. Depression follows this hatred and leads to loneliness.*p**p*Stage 2:*p**p*Loneliness leads to sadness and anger subsides. Then starts the attempts to get your girlfriend back. And you keep finding reasons to go back to her. This leads to even more sadness.*p**p*Stage 3:*p**p**p*But, well, she has already moved on. And you can't really go back. This leads to even more depression and frustration.*p**p*Stage 4: *p**p*After months of alcohol chugging and drunk calling and texting, you realize it one fine day, that you can move on too. And, voila, you move on. No miracle, no hand of god, no nothing. And you move on. (That's your closure)*p**p*PS – All of this happens quickly if she or you falls in love with someone quickly.  *p**p* *p**p* *p*

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