Step children

Marrying someone who has children is tough. But not marrying someone because they have kids is wrong. What are some problems that can crop up with step children? How tough is it stepping into someone's family?

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Priya Jindal
June 7, 2017


  1. It is tough indeed, especially if it is a grown-up child. The most struggling part is adaptation. The child may not be too considerate in this case and subsequently its not easy to consider others child as your own in the first place. I think that is the most difficult part. I think it becomes easier with time. It takes a lot of time for mutual consideration. *p*

  2. It is also the responsibility of the biological parents to accomodate the new mwmber in the family. Make sure, the biologcal parents understand what both the children and step-parents feel…*p**p*Acceptability may be a problem with children- but that also depends. If the parents are divorced and how bitter or how amicable it was. And if one parent is deceased, the situation may be different. It needs to be handled according to the situation and the age and emotional state of the children.*p*

  3. One of the toughest things. Because you're to fill in someone's space who was very dear to them. But, being genuine in front of them helps them. Because they also need someone to be emotionally and physically available for them. Sometimes it's really easy too. Totally depends on your behavior and how the step children see through them. *p*

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