Stopping verbal abuse

My husband is constantly putting me down in front of others. Be it friends, family or even our children. This has taken a huge toll on my confidence. When I told him, he asked me to not be so sensitive, it's all said in a light hearted way and to encourage me. How do I get him to stop the verbal abuse in our relationship? I don't feel like even spending a minute with him and don't want to talk or see anyone when he is around. This is not the life I want to lead!

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July 13, 2017


  1. You should talk to him and let him know it hurts you. Respect in every single way is really important in a relationship/marriage/friendship*p*

  2. Take a stand for yourself.  Talk to him when you both are alone. Make him understand how you feel. If things do not improve,  put your foot down. *p*

  3. If it is to encourage you it will not be said around people.  If speaking to him has not been of help, then take it up with him seriously. Your self esteem and self confidence should grow and not be hampered because of your partner. *p*