Suggest me some gifting ideas, please!

I know this is perhaps not the right forum to discuss gifting ideas but I am at my wits end trying to decide what to get for my girlfriend’s birthday! She is someone who prefers personalised gifts and I am someone who has no clue about how to make it special that way! So, gents and ladies, please help me out!

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June 7, 2017


  1. I did number of gifts = age thingie once, have various small things gifted to her and at the end of the day a big gift. You could start with a nail polish, a lipstick, perfume, vouchers for books, shoppers stop vouchers, spa therapy, chumbak collectibles, greeting card… I could plan this one for you 😛

  2. Buy some nice handmade paper. Write down a nice letter to her. About how much she means to you. About how she has helped you grow as a person. About what great things you envisage for her. Sticks few pictures of the two of you. If she likes it, she can get it framed and hang it.

  3. Personalised gifts really depend on the recipient. What is she into? Music/ books/ any fav hobbies or things. You’ll find plenty of diy ideas online once you decide on that. Eg: if she likes reading, you can make her bookends or even a table lamp. All the best!

  4. Personalised bookmark is an amazing idea!! You can make more than one too if she’s a voracious reader

  5. The most special of gifts are those that makes her feel that you know her so well. Think of what makes her happy or what was it she wanted sometime back but didn’t get, something on those lines. It need not be expensive, it need not be the regular line of gift items, need not be glitzy or glamorous. For example, for someone who loves reading, a rare old classic, which you may get for a pittance from a secondhand bookstore, will be priceless. It shows, your understanding of her and the effort you’re willing to put in to make her happy. That is personalising. Not the initials on the locket.