Support during career change

How can one best support a spouse or partner during a difficult career change? Especially if it is putting a strain on finances, but we want to support them follow their dreams. Or if you see them making mistakes, is it better to point them out or let it be?

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Sabiha Khan
July 13, 2017


  1. Stay calm and have patience.Support him with your suggestions,your opinions.Bring the best out of him.*p**p*Good Luck*p*

  2. I agree, especially just being there to listen. We forget the virtue of istening and instead start giving advice, when all the other person wants  is someone to hear them out.*p*

  3. That's true. It's just sometimes we may take criticism as the other person being too critical. I guess one has to be careful and be extra gentle.*p*

  4. We owe are loved ones to give them guidance whenever there is a need, but we have to choose our words wisely so that we do not hurt them in the process. The best support you can give is by being there with your partner and letting him/her know that you are there, manage as much work as you can so that he/she has lesser stress to handle. These times are trying but are not going to last for long. You can pitch in as a moral support and any other support you can possibly give, as this would be required. Being there to listen to your partner wholeheartedly is also a good way to support as he/she would need someone to talk to. *p*

  5. You can always point out their mistakes. You are there to help each other and you partner shouldn't feel bad to take your criticism. That's how we learn from each other and move forward in our life. *p*

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