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How to tackle a wretched MIL

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Preeti Talwar
June 7, 2017


  1. Good idea,but at times the idea of involving third person is no help.

  2. That depends on how you define ‘wretched’. But try and talk to her to explain your point of view. Get an elder woman from your side of the family involved if need be. And keep your husband in the loop. Your mother in law is here to stay. Best to address the issues before resorting to name calling 🙂

  3. Also I feel that there should be an understanding between both the parties that the possibility of involving the third party should be minimal

  4. I feel instead of indulging into any sort of arguments, you must give ears to her. What elder people like is that you should give ears to them. There is no harm. It will help you gain her confidence and will also develop an understanding for her. I am sure she too will give ears to what you have in your mind. I have tried this and today my MIL don’t do anything without asking me. I have learnt to be more patient from this practice and believe me it works.
    All the best

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