Taking a break

How important is it for couples to take a break from marriage, kids, daily chores, office and plan a trip together?

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Aman Singh
September 5, 2017


  1. Heard of the term hall pass? The grass looks always greener on the other side. Nevertheless a break is important for every individual.

  2. Couples tend to forget that they also have to give some bonding time to each other too. Work and responsibility takes a major toll on relationships. So, if not a great vacation, a mini vacation has to plananed. This always gives a fresh boost.

  3. Very very important…it has to be done on a regular basis.
    Couples must dine out alone once a week- have a date night once a week.
    Go out for a movie together once a month.
    Go for a holiday minus kids once a year.
    All these efforts help nourish the marriage and bringing them closer.

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