Talk it out or sleep it over?

Some couples follow that one should never go to bed with an argument and ensure that things are cleared by the end of the day, no matter what. While others feel that it is important to sleep over things sometimes. And when you wake up you realise how unimportant the argument was in the first place, or perhaps see each other’s points of view during the time passed. Which is the better strategy to follow?

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Divyansh Tripathi
August 24, 2017


  1. Well I personally feel keeping your rational faculties lulled and let your heart work, works better. What I mean is that I prefer sleeping it over because when you spit poison, it really is more likely to contaminate the relationship. Take the initiative to come close to your partner and your impulses, your mutual love, your emotional bonding will automatically do the rest. Never forget no issue could be bigger than your love. Introspection occurs when we give time to each other, to mull over our respective weak points. Let love speak louder than ego.

  2. Sleep it over is better coz by the time u have cooled down and can retaliate better. Because u have planned out ur speech in ur head at least

  3. Sleep it over can paradoxically happen if
    A) The couple is not too attached to each other
    B) The couple is attached but the fight is really going beyond control.
    So, generally speaking, it would be better to talk it out and finish an argument if it can be finished, why leave a point unsaid.When we leave discussing, it shows that we know this isnt going anywhere.
    Yes, if we love each other beyond transient vagaries, a nght’s sleep, or a day or two can calm down most tempers. But if we are almost inimical to each other , less speaking will increase the lack of communication To sum it up: Cold wars aren’t good if your relationship isn’t hot on a regular basis

    1. Cooled down? Yes. But I wouldn’t use that time to think of ways to retaliate better. That’ll just make things worse

    2. Those could be some reasons. Though I was hoping that maybe the couple decide to let time cool things down, not out of lack of love

  4. I will choose to talk it out. The human mind is very quick and very active. Even when we are sleeping, we keep thinking about things, making judgements and forming views in our unconscious mind. So, it is always better to clear any doubts or misunderstandings and let the mind and the relationship have a peaceful time. Nothing is better than communication.

    1. Talking it out does have its pros. But only if both sides want to talk it out. Otherwise may lead to further problems

  5. It depends on how heated the argument is. In a tense situation it is better not to react. Its better to think what to say.
    If you are angry and your response is only going to worsen the situation, its better to focus on calming oneself and not getting drawn into a situation where each of you is just trying to win points and not resolve the issue.
    If both of you are in a calm and rational state, then its fine to try to sort it out without blaming and criticising each other.
    Try to focus on the solution and on actually listening to each other.

  6. The first one of course. Sleeping it off will only increase your grudges. It’s always better to fight than stay mum.

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